Sunday, November 30, 2014

Collage and Congrats

Busy, but very rewarding, days here as I settle into a new job and splitting my time between two places, both filled with people I love and things I enjoy doing. Life is full and very good, but my posts will likely slow down a bit. I'm trying to catch up with correspondence as well, so if I owe you a letter, it's coming! Promise. For now, a few collages I've been working on -- I've tried layering and collaging on top of some of my mono print efforts. I like the effect in the yellow one in particular, but I think I could have dropped the little armadillo-like creature in the red one; it seems a bit stuck in. (I would love some feedback from any readers, particularly constructive criticism. For the most part I work in a bit of a creative vacuum.) I don't think these are finished, but I'll keep staring at them for awhile.

There are several benefits to spending time in the city. One is re-connecting with old friends -- actually having time to spend with them -- and taking part in the many arts event in the city. This weekend I went to two books launches, both of friends. Jude Isabella, my work partner in crime, released Salmon: A Scientific Memoir, on Friday. And my friend Margaret Horsfield, along with Ian Kennedy, did a signing and presentation on Tofino & Clayoquot Sound: A History, a book that the region has long needed, yesterday. I'm so proud of you, my friends. I know how much angst and sleepless nights go into writing projects so it's great to have them out there, released into the world.

And I also received another book from a dear writer friend. So happy to have I Wasn't Always Like This, a book of essays, by Shelley Leedahl, on my bed stand. (The collagist in me loves the cover of that one.) All is good surrounded by so much creativity.

6 comments: said...

How lovely life sounds right now -- interesting and filled with work, friends, art, etc
I shouldn't open my mouth about the collages since I am in the learning process too but of course i will 9since you asked). i like them both very much but I find the little animals in them distracting since (to me) they don't seem to relate to rest of the collages.
But i love the rest -- and you could always collage over the animals.....just sayin'.
Enjoy your time in the city!

TARAdactyl said...

Both of these collages are fantastic! I like the armadillo in the red one. I totally understand second-guessing yourself on your work; I do it all the time. You can be sure that you create some amazing stuff though!

Jacobus (Jack) Oudyn said...

Hello Adrienne, your collages look great but like you I always find it hard to know when to finish. I usually leave mine hanging around where I see them a lot and even hols bits of stuff overareas to see if it works or not. I usually end up going too far but hopefully I'll be better prepared to stop next time.

Adrienne Mason said...

I think I am going to have to change my Blogger platform (it's very old now) as I can't seem to reply to each of your comments separately. Thank you, Pamela, TARAdactyl and Jack for weighing in with your kind words and suggestions. I have the collages in frames propped against the wall and am giving them a good look over. It's the little creature in the red one that seems to be the most problematic. He might need to be sanded off or papered over. Will let you know!

FinnBadger said...

I probably wouldn't have noticed the problematic creature on the red card if you hadn't pointed it out. (Love the yellow one, by the way, looks perfect to me, but what do I know, I hardly ever collage anything).

Looking at it, I think the issue for me is too much contrast between the paper animal and the big black circle considering the transitions on the rest of the collage.

Blending that area (sanding - what a great idea!) might resolve it.

Adrienne Mason said...

Hi Phillip! I haven't sanded it down yet -- I still am staring at it -- but I'll post the results if I get to it. A letter is on its way to you. All the best.