Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Vulcans at the Lantern Festival
We held our annual lantern festival the other night at the Botanical Gardens. Fabulous setting, wonderful lanterns, from mermen to a huge shark (and surfer) to the solar system and beyond. I helped with the "Reuse, Recycle, Rejoice" area where we had lanterns made from tin cans, CDs, jars, pop cans and coffee cups (it was much more beautiful than it sounds). We dressed up this year, which was fun so I got to trot out my grandmother's Eastern Star gown (think wedding dress, but not) and my favourite spider broach. (Oh, and wings.) My daughter was a Vulcan or is that an elf? She was cute anyhow.

KNOW - Issue 5
Our latest issue is out. I just love the cover by Howie Woo -- such a talented fellow. With a theme like light and colour there was lots of material to choose from. Hard to believe I've been at this job for over a year now. It has just flown by.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Books to Indonesia

Just received my copies of Kelelawar, Linsang, and Burung Hantu. That's Bats, Otters and Owls to you! (Unless you speak Indonesian.) They're published by Elex Media, Indonesia. Wish I could post a cover for you, but I can't find them on the Web and the scanner isn't hooked up.

Here's how you say "Bats are animals that can fly, but they are not birds." - Keleawar adalah hewan yang bisa terbang, tapi mereka bukan burung.

"Kewl", as my big sis would say.