Sunday, November 30, 2014

Collage and Congrats

Busy, but very rewarding, days here as I settle into a new job and splitting my time between two places, both filled with people I love and things I enjoy doing. Life is full and very good, but my posts will likely slow down a bit. I'm trying to catch up with correspondence as well, so if I owe you a letter, it's coming! Promise. For now, a few collages I've been working on -- I've tried layering and collaging on top of some of my mono print efforts. I like the effect in the yellow one in particular, but I think I could have dropped the little armadillo-like creature in the red one; it seems a bit stuck in. (I would love some feedback from any readers, particularly constructive criticism. For the most part I work in a bit of a creative vacuum.) I don't think these are finished, but I'll keep staring at them for awhile.

There are several benefits to spending time in the city. One is re-connecting with old friends -- actually having time to spend with them -- and taking part in the many arts event in the city. This weekend I went to two books launches, both of friends. Jude Isabella, my work partner in crime, released Salmon: A Scientific Memoir, on Friday. And my friend Margaret Horsfield, along with Ian Kennedy, did a signing and presentation on Tofino & Clayoquot Sound: A History, a book that the region has long needed, yesterday. I'm so proud of you, my friends. I know how much angst and sleepless nights go into writing projects so it's great to have them out there, released into the world.

And I also received another book from a dear writer friend. So happy to have I Wasn't Always Like This, a book of essays, by Shelley Leedahl, on my bed stand. (The collagist in me loves the cover of that one.) All is good surrounded by so much creativity.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

In Class

As I mentioned previously, I've got lots going on at the moment - new job, new home (for part of the time), new city, etc. and, to add to the mix, I started an on-line collage course last month. Not entirely sure what I was thinking, but being busy does make one efficient! The 8-week course is The Art of Collage with artist Randel Plowman, he of A Collage a Day and one of my favourite collage books, The Collage Workbook. It's been great for keeping the work going and not trying to over think things too much. Each week is a new exercise, a new approach, a new technique. It's been great and I really recommend it, especially if you are just getting going with collage. (These classes are also great for meeting other artists and connecting with people from different parts of the world.)

Exercise: Transparencies and stamps (I cut the circular stamp and stamped it on tissue paper)
Exercise: Seasons in a series (winter)
Exercise: Seasons in a series (spring)
Exercise: Seasons in a series (summer)
Exercise: Transparencies and stamps

Exercise: Rhythm and Symmetry
Exercise: Line and Shape
Exercise: Line and Shape (this was especially helpful as it made me consider writings as lines)