Thursday, July 21, 2011

Library Love

Libraries are under attack in Toronto at the moment. (Well, they are under attack in many places, but Toronto is the latest Canadian victim that I know of.) To counter the lack of vision, we can celebrate a bit by looking at these beauties.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A New Book!

Well, sort of. Motions, Magnets and More is a compilation of the four books in my Primary Physical Sciences series that I completed a few years ago. It has been repackaged by my publisher in one handy-dandy volume and should be available asap. In the interim, I am very stoked that Kirkus Reviews has decided to take a peek. And here's what they had to say. I'll let you read the full review if you so wish, but here are my two favourite sections:

Mason has crafted what could easily be adopted by primary classrooms as their sole physical-science textbook.

Gathering in one place the physical-science concepts typically presented to primary children, this is ideal for the youngest scientists and explorers, a worthy addition to school and library collections.