Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mail Me Some Art

I've always been interested in things related to letters. I like writing, love receiving mail, have collected stamps on and off (not as a serious philatelist, but as someone who admires the art and enjoys history), and always thought being a mail carrier would be a great job. (I love walking and getting up early. Not so sure it would be as ideal as I imagine though, especially with all of the recent changes at Canada Post.)

Last year, when I started to get more interested in collage and, by extension, participating in mail art, I trolled around trying to figure out how to get started. Good Mail Day was a great primer, of course, and I quickly got myself a copy of that. There are lots of other great sites and resources I found, but one of the first was Karen Isaacson's Mail Me Some Art. This site has lots of open swaps, which I find are great for trying new ideas and techniques, and there is also a spot for informal exchanges with other like-minded mail art/artist types. Like Liberate Your Art, which I wrote about last time, you send in your work and get others in exchange. Here's what I received as part of the exchange for grid postcards.

From Phillip Lerche (too bad it got mucked up in the postal system). Here is his post on the grid cards he made and received. 
From Currie Silver.
From Jellita at Jellita Monotype Prints. 
From Carroll (aka bigmamabird).
Karen is always coming up with great art ideas on Mail Me Some Art. Next up for me? Artistamps. It's the push I've needed to get going on this. Check it out.


Karen Isaacson said...

thanks Adrienne!
Always great to see that the postcards reached their destination (albeit a little smudged...)

Adrienne Mason said...

Yes, it was too bad about the smudging. It was nice to see them on Phillip's blog. Not sure what made it - perhaps a wax crayon? And what is it with the Sharpies? I got a large box today from the US (an amazing stash of unused Canadian postage stamps) and all of the stamps (granted there were a lot of them) were "cancelled" by a Sharpie line. Such a shame.

Anna Crafts said...

I also fell in love with mail art ... and thank you for the links you posted I did not know

Adrienne Mason said...

Write any time, Anna!