Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Coming and Going

Late last week/last weekend I had a very full few days. The opera in Vancouver (not a common occurrence for us, but my friend was the composer so it was a must; yeah, Tobin!) This was followed by several wonderful visits with dear friends and family then home again (a few extra days off work to make a nice long weekend was a bonus). Sunday there was a bike ride and a surf competition to watch on a sunny day at the beach. And did I mention the mail? It's been a pretty good week of mail. Here's a bit of what's been coming and going.

I am a fan for the bizarre and quirky, so this postcard was right up my alley. This came from the Czech Republic via Postcrossing.

Learning calligraphy is on my "to do" list, so it's always wonderful to receive beautifully addressed mail from Richard in Marseille. (And "secret" mail no less!)

And a very funny zine arrived from Karen, who is a talented and busy artist who runs Mail Me Some Art.

And this arrived recently from "The Punk Bassoon Connection." Love all the eclectic stamps, both postage and rubber.

I haven't been scanning a lot of my outgoing mail lately, but here's one that's going out to Richard. The waits in ferry lineups have been good for making collages lately.

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