Thursday, June 12, 2014

Liberate Your Art

Kat, over at Kay Eye Studio, runs an annual "liberate your art" project. Honestly, I can't recall how I came across it - somewhere one night of insomnia perhaps? - but I liked the idea that it pushed you to actually do something with your art. In this case, choose a piece and get it printed so you could send it out as a postcard. Then, you send the postcards to Kate (and arrange for postage), which she then re-distributes.

It was timely for me as I was creating all of these collages and not quite sure what to do with them. (I have some ideas now!) Here is the card that I had printed up:

And here are the cards I received:

From Terri.

From Stacie

From Mary at Uncustomary Art (which is a brilliant name of a site for someone named Mary, don't you think?).
And this, "Layered Autumn" is from the host, Kat

I didn't participate in the "blog hop" after the event was over, but here is the blog post on that.  In total, the project "liberated" 1254 pieces of art with 209 artists from 10 countries participating. Thanks, Kat!

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