Thursday, June 05, 2014

Hidden Wolf Within Me: Serendipity

Often when I'm creating a collage it's not until afterwards that I notice serendipity - what I thought was a random word seems to align perfectly with an image or something in the placement of a particular piece balances out another "randomly" placed piece. There was a few things that came together when I did this piece for a mail art call, The Hidden Wolf Within Me, which went to the Philippines.

First, I printed this vintage image of a wolf on a page from a children's dictionary. I used the page with the word wolf on it, but just fed it into the printer without fussing with alignment. 
And this is what resulted. See how wolves aligned just above the eye? Serendipity for sure. 
That was cool, I thought, but then this happened.

Here is the reverse of the envelope (with a packing tape transfer added.) See how the word "within" just happened to be at the top of the page of the dictionary? Serendipity rather than any brilliant planning on my part (although my friend, Rebecca would disagree). 
So I added this. 

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