Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Mail Art Motherlode - Part 2

Back again with more correspondence goodness. 

From Carolyn, Flypaper and Kerosene.
From Nancie (aka The Book Chick), who despite having just begun a correspondence, seems to "get" me (by the looks of this card she sent).
Also in the stack, was this fabulous "concertina card" (aka accordion book, I would think) from Jack Oudyn held together by the little red brads you can in this image. 
The washi tape covered the ends of the brads and it all came through from Australia just fine. Thanks, Jack. This was a fabulous piece that I keep pouring over. I love the idea of a concertina card making it through the postal system. Here are a few of the interior pages:

Possibly my favourite spread, but it's very hard to choose. (So I won't.)

And, oh, my goodness. This was a stunning package to see:

The "fabulousness" from Dori continued on the inside as layer after layer was unveiled. What a treat. 

Beautiful or what? The layering isn't coming through in the scan, but the piece is wonderfully textured and layered. (And there were little notes just for me under some of the flaps.) Thanks, Dori!
I am pretty new to mail art and am just learning about artistamps (having just tried to make a few), so I was delighted to receive this from Cascadia Artpost. Who knew that the originator of artistamps was a Canadian, the late Michael Bidner (1944-1989)? (And here he is, in the National Gallery of Canada.) Here is Jack's (he of Cascadia Artpost) explanation of the latest mail art I received from him, with a sheet of Bidner's stamps. 

Jack has written a nice bio of Michael on the reverse. Thank you, Jack. 
Okay. I think that's enough for today. I think this might need to be a three-part series! 


Dori Singh said...

Hey, Adrienne! Thanks, so much, for the mention...I really appreciate it!

Adrienne Mason said...

My pleasure, Dori. Love that mail!

Limner said...

Adrienne, hey. I'm almost answering your mail from June. Your envelope is so cool. I know, saying cool isn't cool, but I can't help myself. It's just cool. It fooled me too. Did you carve the stamp? I laugh each time I look at the back of your envelope. Please, please, please remember it! Shall I jiggle your memory? LOL!

Adrienne Mason said...

I do keep some notes, so I remember the collage, but I don't quite remember the envelope. Jog my memory? Glad you liked it and I look forward to hearing from you when you have the chance. Cheers.