Saturday, September 20, 2014

Collage Clean-Up

I'm tidying up my desktop (the computer desktop; the actual desktop is beyond hope), so here are a few recent collages I've scanned. Varying success, but experimentation is always a good thing IMHO.
I was inspired by the concertina book sent by Jack, which I posted about here. I had several packing tape transfers I'd made, so I made Jack a concertina book in return. This is just the one side. 
I made the transfers using photos from a magazine from BC's public television station. For September and Labour Day they had several shows related to working people. I thought they made very interesting photo transfers.
I'm not digging the green in the Louvre map, but so be it. 

I made this for a Swap Bot exchange (a postcard with a postal theme). Love this historic image of the fellows in the mail room. Not so crazy about the rubber stamps I used. The red ink in particular is kind of wrong. 
I put this one and the next three in a little book, sent to Dori. 


PamelaArtsinSF said...

Very nice! Lucky Dori!!

dori said...

all very cool....and i love every bit of what i received...delicious!

Adrienne Mason said...

Hi Dori and Pamela, Thanks for visiting; I appreciate it! Fall has definitely arrived here, which is great news for the salmon, forests, and water table. Slippers are out, fireplace is on, and (hopefully) more time in the studio soon. Have a lovely day!

Liberty said...

So cute!