Monday, September 01, 2014

Mail Art Motherlode - Part 1

Just back from a couple weeks holiday. After whining about the input not matching (not even close), my output, I came home to a very nice stack of mail (a lot of which I actually wrote to myself; more on that later), which was so wonderful. I had a lovely evening, ignoring the unpacking and laundry to be done. Instead, I poured myself a glass of wine, settled on the couch, and went through the mail piece by piece.

So, here is a catch up post. Some I've sent, some I received before I went away, and some I just received. Thank you, all!
I sent this collage to Cleo before I left. She seemed pretty pleased with it, which makes me happy too.
Love those red lips. 
This was the result of a paste and pass (no boundaries) card I started through Swap Bot. Honestly, I have been very underwhelmed by much I've received through Swap Bot (as someone wrote to me, I have one foot out the door), but I was okay with how this one turned out. I started with the black and white photo, red washi tape, the screen of the Canadian stamp, and the guy with his chin in a bandage (without the crown). 
A great postal-themed envelope from Tara. Check out her blog (she's got a great purple bike!).
And this is one of two great letters I received from Pamela. (She has a great collection of rubber stamps, washi tape, interesting papers and stationery. Her work is always a joy to receive.) Make sure to check out Pamela's blog. She's an incredible wealth of information for all things mail art (as well as where to eat and shop in San Francisco!). Pamela included some pretty wacky Japanese stationery such as this:
If you can shed any insight into pants made of bamboo colander, please do tell! 
I wish I could remember all of the ways I connect with the mail art/correspondence community, but somewhere along the line (clicking links, no doubt), I came across Naomi Bulger's blog. A comment or two later and then I received this fantastic envelope in the post. Inside, was this:  
… a copy of her novel, Air Mail. Thank you for the very generous gift, Naomi. Be sure to check out her blog and see how she customizes each hand-made envelope to suit the correspondent. Mine - the city scape - related to the name of my blog, Tough City Writer. 

i think that's enough for now; more in a few days.  


Naomi Bulger said...

Thanks for the shout-out lovely. And I'm so glad you liked my mail! x

PamelaArtsinSF said...

Oooo love the mail. I'd like to have a glass of wine with you and look through that great mail. You came home to find a great stash of mail art -- lucky you!
And thanks for the shout-out to my blog.

Adrienne Mason said...

I think the framework for this blog is quite old; I can't comment specifically to your comments. I'll be writing soon, Naomi, but thank you so much for the book and lovely package. I have it on my stack to read this fall.

And, Pamela, you are welcome anytime. I might be in San Jose in February - that's close, right? Perhaps I can sneak away for a glass of wine and a visit then. Thanks for commenting!