Monday, January 06, 2014

Outgoing collages: Annerin, Rachel, Jane, Holly, Jenny and Andrea

I found myself with a few free hours last Friday so finished off the last six collages to send to my collage "pen pals" from the 30 Days of Collage course. So I have a record and to share with others, here they are.

Thanks to my husband who has just returned back from Nunavut with some very heavy bags. The "Heavy/Lourd" tags came in handy! And every time I see pages from the short hand manual I think that was the best 5 cents I ever spent!


Sandra Monat said...

dear Adrienne, these collages are amazing!
What a lovely surprise I found in my mailbox from you and Stephanie, when I came back from an end of year holiday. I loved to read about your plans and will write you back very soon in return. Talk more soon. X Sandra

Adrienne said...

Thank you, Sandra. Glad you liked the card. All the best for 2014.