Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Good Mail Day

Yesterday was a good mail day. I received a nice little package of collage materials from California and I also got this:

It was from Guido Vermeulen in Brussels. Of course it was great to receive a piece of original art on an envelope, but Guido also made me understand a small, but key, part of this whole business. You don't have to use the front of the envelope for your stamp and address. You can use the "back!"

Well, duh. It makes so much sense now, but I wasn't quite understanding that at first. (I was seeing so many pieces of mail art without any stamps or addresses posted on the Internet. People were posting the front (or the back, depending on how you interpret your envelope). Now I see. Thanks, Guido!

It was timely, because I was thinking of joining mail artist, Moan Lisa's, Fake Andy Warhol mail art call. I searched for images and thought I could tackle Lips (1950). So, using my fledgling rubber stamp making skills, I made a lip stamp and went for it. Here's the result.

Lips - front of envelope
I did my best attempt at faking Warhol's signature.
Lips - back of envelope

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