Saturday, December 21, 2013

Outgoing: Mail Art Call

Some morning fun - answering the mail art call from the International Union of Mail Artists. This one, from a Canadian, is Give Mail Carriers Work, a shout out to Canada Post's recent announcement about cuts to mail carriers in large centres (small towns, such as ours, have never had door-to-door service). In lieu of door-to-door service, these customers will now have to use "super boxes." I am somewhat ambivalent about that part of the news (although I do have nostalgic thoughts about it all and always thought that a postal carrier might have been a great career had I thought about it - you start early in the day, get your exercise while you work, deliver mail (yeah!) and have completed your work day fairly early), but I am concerned about the rising cost of postal rates, which are already ridiculous. A letter mailed in Canada will now be $1.00 (or 85 cents if you buy the stamps in packs). I'm not sure how much US (currently $1.10) or international (currently $1.85) letters will be, but it could cramp my style if postage become prohibitive. So, in an attempt to keep those mail carriers busy, here is my letter to Elaine. Not the wildest envelope, but I used a caribou stamp so thought I'd stay with the caribou theme.

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