Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Adios, Movember

I don't participate (obviously) in Movember. We have sponsored others who have decided to grow a 'stache, but my husband is fully bearded and moustached, so I've not had the torture of snuggling up against an itchy, scratchy face with an "incoming" beard. Still, I had Movember on my mind, so I created this collage during the weekly art night date I have with a few friends.

Movember: not just for boys and elephants

This piece was created using a piece of a Polish map, a page from a book on shorthand, and various book and magazine images.

And, hey, I finally learned the definition of "portmanteau" by reading the definition of Movember on Wikipedia (linked above). A portmanteau word is simply, a "blend."  The other definition is a travelling bag for clothes, etc., especially of leather and opening into two equal parts. It is French in origin, from porter, to carry, and manteau, mantle. Yes, I'm an etymology geek.

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