Monday, December 16, 2013

Inspiration: the art of Rebecca Jewell

A few weeks ago I was in Victoria for a meeting and saw a notice for a show that intrigued me. It had birds in it, of course, which attracted me being the nature lover that I am. But this was a million miles away the ubiquitous "put a bird on it." British artist Rebecca Jewell has "put" exquisite birds on feathers.

Owl Headdress

Yes, those are real feathers with their fine, delicate quills. This incredible fact did not quite translate in the advertising copy for the exhibit at Alcheringa Gallery in Victoria, nor in the pictures I saw in a magazine, so I was floored when I actually saw the art in person.

Jewell is artist-in-residence at the British Museum. Imagine having the job of re-imagining the collection of the museum in her prints, paintings and other artwork. This video is a wonderful introduction to Rebecca and her work.

Rebecca Jewell: Artist and Printmaker from Rebecca Jewell on Vimeo.

Quill Pens and Inkpots

Here are the details on the exhibit. (Thank you to Rebecca, who graciously answered my email and gave me permission to post the images.)

Three for a Girl, 2013

So, if you're in Victoria over the holidays, take some time to visit this stunning exhibit. You won't be disappointed.

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