Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Love Me, Love My Books -- The Kids' Lit Version

In the past few days this article has been circulating on the literary blogosphere. A pretty funny piece on how books (or the lack of them or poor choice in them) can be "literary relationship breakers." Too funny (read with a grain, or tablespoon, of salt of course). Now the kid's lit blog, Big A, Little a has run with the idea with a kid's lit version. Check the post and the comments here. And Betsy over at Fuse #8 brought up an old post in response to this, the wonderfully coined: Triumvirate of Mediocrity (the term created by Jane Yolen apparently). I will resist going on about I'll Love You Forever again, but, suffice to say, I agree on that account at least. (Although I think I'll have to check out The Giving Tree again.)

A slight aside:
With all this snickering in the comments though, I have to say that I dislike using the term hate in relation to books (and most things for that matter) -- all I can think about are those authors -- sure some are really successful -- but they put a huge amount of effort into their creation, like it or not. You can dislike a book for a variety of reasons, but writing something that doesn't resonate with you personally doesn't make it a hate crime. Enough said. I'm jumping down off my high-horse.

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