Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Poetry Month

Forget April Fool's Day, today is the first day of National Poetry Month. So git yerself to your local bookstore, library, or bookshelf in a home near you and crack open the spine on a book of poetry. If you have any young poets kicking around you might check out the activities sponsored by the League of Canadian Poets for Young Poets' Week, April 7 to 13th. The theme for this year's celebration is Poetry Without Borders, where the Leage asks poets to ponder:

How can poetry celebrate the diversity of cultural traditions in Canada?
What are the possibilities for multilingual poetry events?
How can poetry combine with other forms of creative expression?
What does poetry without borders mean to you?

In our family we have, on and off over the last couple of years, read a poem before dinner. Usually they are funny kids' poems, but that's just fine with us. So that's one way to celebrate the month. Do you have other ideas? Send 'em on over.

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