Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Tidying Up

As of Friday, I had a pretty messy work space and a stack of mail to attend to (yes, a very nice problem). Saturday evening, I found myself alone for the night, so spent that evening and the next morning playing catch up. Collaging, writing, scanning, etc. It nice to have some devoted time and the space to make a mess (in various rooms). I had a stack of sign language cards parents use to teach pre-verbal children which were about the perfect size for small collages/postcards, so that's what I focussed on for the most part.

This was one of my first experiments with packing tape transfers and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Not sure how it will stand up over time though, considering that this kind of tape eventually becomes brittle and cracks. Perhaps I should seal them with matte medium? 

Another packing tape transfer experiment. 

This might be my favourite of the lot. I used an image from this great podiatry book my sister gave me for Christmas. (She knows me so well.)  It was serendipity that the word "foot" lined up with the pig's feet. 

More serendipity. I had already started this one with an image I had cut from an old issue of New Scientist and then I found the mail art call for "Cradle of Cosmonauts." You just have to go with those things. 


Karen Isaacson said...

oh my - there's not a single one I don't love.

Adrienne Mason said...

Thank you, Karen. I really do appreciate it. Watch your mail box!

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Adrienne Mason said...

Thanks for visiting, Corgi Feet! I appreciate it. It's nice getting a bit of feedback in the ethernet void!