Saturday, April 26, 2014

Have Glue Stick, Will Collage

We some great family time last weekend, a four-day weekend in Canada, visiting family for Easter. For us, that means a couple of trips by ferry, which means waiting in line. Lucky for me, I had a stack of old German travel brochures, wrappers from chocolate Easter eggs, newspapers, magazines, scissors and a glue stick. So...I made a few collages.

Evidence of chocolate consumption in this one. Wish I hadn't included the rabbit, but it's a good record of the weekend!
This was actually started before the weekend, using endpapers from an old book (Call of the Wild),  an image transfer (the nautical image), transparencies and an image from a vintage children's encyclopedia. 

And here's some outgoing mail art I've sent over the past few weeks:

My answer to a mail art call: eggs. This piece was displayed at the Budapest Stamp Museum in Budgpest, Hungary during Easter and was posted (along with many other eggs) on artist,
Eva Mosonyi's site
Answering a mail art call for "labyrinths." Glad to see it made it

Birds flying off to Australia with a peregrine falcon stamp.

To one of the grand dadadada-dies of postal art, Jas Felter. 

Side 2 of the above envelope. From a vintage chiropractor brochure with an "eye mask" from my stash of old pharmaceutical labels. 

Answering the mail art call from Moan Lisa: 5089. (Yes, more pharmaceutical labels. Can't resist.)
Playing with image transfers (on packing tape), stencils, and my beloved chimera. This one went to Torma Cauli in Hungary and I'm glad to see it made it
Okay, that's enough nonsense for now. I also have a whole whack of "incoming" mail to share. That will have to wait for another day.

(It was nice to see some of the collages I posted on April 8, made their destination. Here are a few: Dale Roberts' Mailmania 5; Peter at Flip Flop Mail Art; Goop Mail Art (love how their display their incoming mail); Dame Mailarta (this is an older mailing for World Banana Day) and finally, Philip Leclerc received my brilliant red dragon envelope. Thanks, all! It's great to see things make it through the postal system relatively intact.)


Shelley A. Leedahl said...

Dear Adrienne,

Wonderful to see you today in Ladysmith ... you're an inspiration in many ways. I can't wait to try my first collage!

Be well, dear friend!

Adrienne Mason said...

Thanks, Shelley. It was so great to see you. I enjoyed that drippy hike. Can't wait to see your first collage!