Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Temporary Twilight-Insania

So we were driving back home after a week away when we noticed the parking lot at one of the most popular beach accesses was barricaded. A police car was immediately behind the barricade. We surmised it could have been one of two things -- a search and rescue (in reality, more like a "recovery," a tired euphemism if there ever was one) for a surfer out of his/her league, or ... a movie shoot. Option two was the correct one. It seems as if Tough City and environs were all a-twitter since some vampirey sorts were lingering in the neighbourhood.

Even though this is largely a blog about writing for children and youth, I doubt I will ever wade through the Twilight saga (I've got too many other books demanding my attention and besides, I am trying to work my way through this, which should take the rest of my lifetime).* And I am notorious for watching a movie for an hour or so before deciding that I'd much rather read on my nice comfy couch by the fire, so I doubt I'll ever watch the movies unless I'm stuck on a plane or in a hotel room, so I was happy to come across this summary of all four books in one handy-dandy cartoon.

*Related to the New Canadian Library. I am trying to collect the set. (Why, I'm not sure since my house is overflowing with books at the moment, but perhaps it's because I think I'm missing something by not trying to at least get through some of the "Canadian Cannon" -- mind you, only one publisher's canon. Just trying to be a good Canadian and all.) Plus, the spines of the older versions - with the coloured spines -- are pretty appealing lined up on my bookshelf. In a moment of insanity I actually thought I might blog my way through it, so thank goodness I found out another pair got there first. Phew, dodged that time-sucker. Anyhow, if you have any of the NCL that you would like to trade for some of my books, please get in touch. I'm looking for the versions with the one-colour covers with the numbers of the spine, or the earlier versions with the caricatures of the authors on the covers.

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