Friday, September 07, 2007

We Survived the West Coast Trail!

Earlier this week, we arrived home from hiking the famous (infamous to some? -- "ah, the mud, the mud, the mud (and the ladders!)) West Coast Trail. It was a family affair, with our family, my siblings, brother-in-law and nephew along for the slog. Patrice and I just did parts of it, but it was enough to keep her still eager to come back for more. Highlights for me were: the slow wander/hike with Patrice from Pachena Lighthouse to Pachena Bay. She was interested in a lot of the plants and mushrooms we saw, so our hike became a wander with lots of naturalizing along the way, and many snack stops. The massive blowdowns through this area from this winter's storms were impressive -- over 2000 trees came down!; exploring the sandstone shelves below Carmanah Light, with the sea urchin "condos," complete with bright pink paint on the walls (that would be encrusting coralline algae); watching my lovely, strong 14-year-old daughter waltz through the entire journey with a positive attitude, a smile for all, and not one complaint; spending time away from work with all of my family; and, of course, walking the labyrinth in front of Carmanah Lighthouse. Love it. Will try to post a photo soon. This photo is of Patrice walking through the green tunnel up from one of our favourites beaches. Our friend Janet, from Carmanah Light, snapped it.

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