Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Audio and Visual Voyeurs

For your listening and viewing pleasure... First, a very interesting podcast, sponsored by PEN, with children's writers Susan Campbell Bartoletti, Robert Lipsyte, Vera B. Williams, and Susan Kuklin (moderator). Lots of interesting discussion -- "lies" in children's literature, full-frontal nudity, gay protagonists, and more. Particularly useful if you're a writer of children's fiction or non-fiction. Elizabeth Bird at Fuse #8 has a good overview on her blog post from September 25 (Mighty PEN).

And, for some viewing fun, check out these writer's rooms. My office is something like A. S. Byatt's, with the "tunnels and towers of books all over the floor," but her office is still about ten times neater than mine. A pile for every project I say.

Gorgeous fall day here -- check out the local webcam.

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