Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Primary Science Series in Arabic

I had a cool package in the mail the other day -- the Arabic copies of the books in my Primary Science series. They are published by the Egyptian publisher Nahdet Misr. I can't find a link on the web and still haven't got the scanner hooked up, so I can't show a picture. They're very cool though. The kids enjoyed seeing how the cover and direction of reading is the opposite to the books in English. (Spine on the right and you read from "back to front.") The copies of my books I have in Arabic and Chinese (I suppose it would actually be Cantonese or Mandarin, but I don't know how the characters look) are my favourites. Each character is like a piece of artwork!

For those keen about writing and reading, especially for children and youth, you might want to make the trip to UBC May 4-5 to take in Serendipity. This wonderful annual event brings together illustrators, writers, publishers, and other bookish types for a wonderful day of talks about books. Cornelia Funke, Sarah Ellis, Bill Slavin, Ian Wallace and others are on the schedule this year. I'll be taking my teenager daughter and her friend -- enthusiastic teen readers who can't wait to see Cornelia Funke. If you are in Vancouver, consider joining/supporting the Vancouver Children's Literature Roundtable. There is also a CLB on Vancouver Island, but I don't have a link for them at the moment. Will post it when I do.

Another drippy spring day here, but there are primroses, daffodils, and forsythia brightening things up.

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