Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hallowe'en Fun

I had a great rainy day a week or so ago making some Hallowe'en cards. I do like Hallowe'en-related imagery, but not so much the Hallmark, cutesy versions. Bring on actual mummies, bats, spiders, snakes and the like (which I don't find scary, but seem to suit the day). And this year Canada Post put out a Haunted Canada series, so these stamps were fun to pair with the collages. I also had some of older Hallowe'en stamps, which came packaged in a "haunted stamp house." Since (I hope) most of these cards will have arrived at their destination, I thought it would be safe to post.

Here are two stamps from the different collections. The top is from the Haunted Canada series (2014), which was released on Friday, June 13th. These "soldiers" are guarding the haunted Fort George at Niagara-on-the-Lake. The other is from The Haunted Stamp House series. Here's a great post on that series. And the guy with horns? It's from a National Geographic spread on "wild men" of Europe (dressed in some very odd costumes). 
Someone mentioned that she liked the Bride of Frankenstein, so I went from there. And the old stamp is from another Canada Post series on cryptozoology (or, as they called it, Canada's Legendary Creatures). This one was Le Loup-Garou (the werewolf). I think it's great that Canada Post can think beyond queens, dead white men, and flags every once in awhile! 
My favourite. This is a mummified Sicilian priest. Love the velvet cape and hat and the lace blouse. I tried to echo the lace using a doily. I hope it made it through the post.  
Hard to go wrong with a bat and a crypt. 
This is the ghost bride from the Haunted Canada series. It's from the little monthly magazine that Canada Post puts out.  (And you can see part of one of the stamps in the lower left.)
For my niece, so a little tamer. Good use for one of those Harry Potter stamps from the US. 
Not particularly "Halloweeny"...
I couldn't resist this gal. Tried again with a bit of doily in the lower left. 


FinnBadger said...

Fantastic Halloween bunch - cards and stamps are excellent. That Ghost stamp is pretty freaky - can't imagine the USPS would ever issue something like that.

You'll be pleased to know the doily made it intact!

Dori Singh said...

What a great series...I love mine!

Adrienne Mason said...

Thanks, Phillip and Dori. So glad the cards made it through (and the doily). Phillip, did you look at the link for the Haunted Stamp House series? Some fairly freaky ones there.

FinnBadger said...

Yes, I did! Both sets are excellent. I think, with the halloween mania here, that USPS is missing out by not having some cool Halloween holiday stamps.

FinnBadger said...

Yes, the stamp house is a very cool idea. Even though I don't see USPS issuing freaky stamps, I do think they are missing out on a money-spinning opportunity by not having Halloween stamps.

Jenny said...

Thank you once again Adrienne for your wonderful Halloween collages! They all take pride of place on a shelf near where I work.
Will write soon:)

PamelaArtsinSF said...

I'm a little late to the party -- but I love mine too! And it made it through the mail perfectly.

Adrienne Mason said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone. So glad those doilies made it through. Yay for UHF glue and lots of pressure with a brayer.