Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Mornings

I think Sunday mornings might be my favourite time of the week. I am an early riser, so the house is quiet (not that it is ever very noisy!). Sheryl McKay is on CBC radio talking about arts, which is almost always interesting, and I have books or magazines or my iPad or writing/drawing materials nearby. It's looking like a nice day today, so there will be time in the garden before we head to one of my most favourite places for the afternoon. And it's a long weekend, so time for even more of this and perhaps some time on my paddle board tomorrow.

Here's a random round-up of things related to writing, mail art, letters, and the like, but first, I received some mail from mail artist, Torma Cauli, of Budapest, this past week, which was pretty special.

Through Swap-Bot I was part of a "Not Your Mother's Mail Art" swap, which I kind of dig (being subjected to far too many stickers of bunnies and the like, I thought this held promise). I was looking for some inspiration for working with security envelopes and found this gem from Apartment Therapy. And there's more.  Some security envelope fabulousness from artist Sarah Phillips and a variety of ideas for security envelopes here.

Yesterday, on CBC's DNTO (Definitely Not the Opera) had a great show on letters. To listen, go here where you can stream it or download the podcast. There were some great stories of letters that made a difference. I have a letter from the tooth fairy as well. I wrote about it awhile back.

I just downloaded FLOW magazine's ("the magazine for paper lovers") special issue on snail mail onto my iPad. After I finish here, I'm heading there. The app is free and you can find it here.

All for today! Have a great one. 

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