Sunday, February 23, 2014

Par "Avian" and other things of questionable worth

After a few weeks of constant posting, there was a bit of radio silence around here. I was off in San Francisco having a bit too much fun. More on that later, but let's just say I was here, attending Ex Postal Facto, being inspired and making new friends. I'll eventually get around to doing a post on it, but, for now, head on over to Pamela at Cappuccino and Art Journal and Donovan at the Letter Writers' Alliance (who I missed saying hi to!; boo) for their report on the weekend. For now, here's a bit of in and out from my office.

A new rubber stamp: "par avian." Clearly, I am easily amused.

 I think I will re-do this as the ink isn't picking up that smoothly, but I love the play on par avion.

Outgoing collage for the next person in the collage circle that I'm part of.

Grid paper, shorthand textbook, Japanese text, rubber stamp, tissue transfer, map and other bits.

Envelope for collage: side 1. This is a page from an old stamp album (with a new fish stamp.) 

Envelope for collage: side 2. 

Mail art to my new friend, Pam. Side 1. 

Mail art to Pam, side 2. 

Mail art to a swap-bot friend, Amy.

Mail art to Jennie, who organized Ex Postal Facto. Bits of used envelope. (Not entirely happy with how this turned, out so she might be getting a follow up.)

Mail art to Karen. These images from an old dictionary just cracked me up.


Karen Isaacson said...

realizing we "knew" each other while standing next to each other at XPF was one of the weekend highlights.

cococita said...

They look so good! Love them all! I will be working on a collection of collages as soon as possible and hope to be in your mailbox soon with one of them. Happy weekend!

Adrienne Mason said...

Yeah! Comments. Thanks to you both for replying. Karen, I spent a lot of time on your blog while I had insomnia the other night. It did NOT put me to sleep. So much goodness; I think we're following a similar life trajectory.

Candace said...

Hi! These are all great! I emailed you. I received one of your postcards. I did mail art for over 10 years so I'm sure I "know" some of the people you exchange with.

Adrienne Mason said...

Thanks for commenting, Candace. I haven't received any cards yet, but I'm looking forward to it. It was a good exercise having one of my pieces printed into a postcard. My first time!