Friday, August 19, 2011

Stories in Scraps

My goodness. I hardly know what to say about these and the stories behind them, except that I want to learn more and I want to visit this place one day.

[Thanks for Wild Muse and Cafe Cartolina for their links.]


Gillian O'Reilly said...

Martha Jocelyn's A Home for Foundlings is a wonderful history of this place. Her recent novel Folly is also set in and around the Foundling Hospital. Both moving and fascinating books.

Jocelyn's grandfather Arthur was raised at the Foundling Hospital which is what got her interested in the topic. She has described looking at a map of the area and seeing streets named Arthur and Jocelyn and realizing where her grandfather's name came from.

Tough City Writer said...

Thanks, Gillian. I'll definitely look for those books. I really admire Martha's work.