Monday, September 20, 2010

E-Books for Kids

I was wondering how e-books are translating to children's books. Here's one article that discusses it.

While adult readers bemoan the death of print — and make much of e-books availability across different devices (and the functionality of said devices) — Apple’s (APPL) iPad and other touch screen mobile devices are fertile ground for publishers to cultivate a whole new e-reading customer -– kids.

Think about it. Touch screens are tailor-made for the tactile exploration of the scooter set. You won’t hear them complain that they miss the smell of a book’s pages. And show me a smart phone loving teen or tween who doesn’t constantly have the device under their thumbs.

Another reason to go the app route lies in the limited functionality of the .epub format. The standard for e-books right now is designed to support traditional narrative text only. Without color and video capabilities, illustrated books suffer not only from lack of pictures, but the potential for interactive engagement.

This is primarily about board books and picture books, but I wonder how it would translate to non-fiction for children. Anyone out there with any examples/experience in this regard?

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