Thursday, July 29, 2010

Writers and Illustrators on Tour

I don't do a lot of school visits, not because I don't want to, but primarily because I'm so busy and because of the logistics of being a writer based in Tough City. I have to add two days of travel to just about any trip I do. But . . . my children are now older and easier to leave for a bit (not that they're alone; FH is always around for them) so things just might change in that regard. I do love visiting the children I write for. They are usually so keen to meet you and you definitely get feedback on your books (whether you want it or not!). We benefit, but of course the children do too. Meeting a "real life writer" who is just as "normal" as their own mom or dad can be a revelation. And they can see how all of the slogging they are doing at the moment, learning to spell, read, punctuate, etc. all has a purpose in life. On my visits I always try to relate how the skills children are learning in school translate to my everyday reality!

If you are a teacher, librarian or parent looking to invite an author to a local school or library, you can start with a look here, for the Canadian writers and illustrators willing to visit your community. If you are in British Columbia, you can begin here.

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