Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Books!

This is actually old news, but I'm very slow in posting this fall. (Bear with me, my friends. I'm hoping all this "blog silence" is translating into great writing elsewhere. One day, one day, you might see it!) I have two new books out this fall. The first, Robots: From Everyday to Out of This World comes with the byline The Editors of YES Mag. This is another in the great series of books created by the fab. folks at YES and KNOW mags and it was fun to have a part in this one.

The book has been well received thus far and both Quill and Quire and Canadian Materials have had favourable things to say.

Next up is another title in the Lu & Clancy series. This one, Secret Spies, is also a leveled reader. Here's the blurb:

When Lu and Clancy find a map labeled “Top Secret” and a note written in code in Aunt Izzy’s trunk, the mystery begins. Is Aunt Izzy a spy? The canine sleuths dress up in disguises to follow her. This case proves so full of surprises that the detectives need all their skills and nifty spy stuff to solve it.

This Level 2 first reader contains longer stories, varied sentences, increased vocabulary, more difficult visual clues and some repetition.

These titles were so much fun to write, especially trying out magic tricks, science experiments, spy disguises and the like. Thank goodness my kids and their friends were so game to play around.

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