Saturday, November 10, 2007

Remembrance Day Reading - 3

I saved my favourite for last - Sadako. There are a few versions of this story out there, but I like the version by Eleanor Coerr best. Rivetting cover, too. The story chokes me up every time and is well worth a read with children who are a bit older, I believe. Having just had my 10-year-old speechless with fear about global warming (she had to write me notes) I'm sensitive at the moment about how much angst and fear of the world we should put on the shoulders of our kids. Still, it is a lovely story about the strength of spirit and the humanity that can appear in the darkest times. For more on Sadako's story go here.

A very emotional Remembrance Day at our school. The vice-principal was in tears reading an essay written by the grade 7 girl and the principal who took over from her just barely held it together. The kids sang sweetly -- I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing, Lean on Me and others. And then there was the video with a song by Terry Kelly. We see it every year, but man it gets to me. Despite what you think of wars, past or present, it is worth stopping for a moment to consider how blessed we are to live in a peaceful, fabulous country.

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Jacqueline Pearce said...

Hi Adrienne,

I've been taking little dips into your blog this week and enjoying it. Wish I could spend more time. Great Book Week ideas! I'm doing an author visit at a local school during Book Week and doing a guest blog on Orca Publishers' site next week. Hope to do more during the rest of "Book Year." Thanks for reminding me of Sadako and the Paper Cranes, which has been on my list of books to read --especially since I visited the Peace Museum in Hiroshima a year ago.