Friday, September 29, 2006

CBC Visit
My friend Joanna Streetly and I were interviewed on CBC Radio this morning. They wanted to chat with two writers from Tofino. I was a tad nervous, but it turned out all right. I thought the interviewer's question about how could I write from Tofino was a tad silly. That's the beauty of writing, you can do it from anywhere! (But, I must say, having access to high-speed Internet and couriers can help a lot, too, at least for the kind of writing I do.) This picture is not a great one, but it shows a lot of things, including my newly bald husband taking the photo in the left of the frame. He had his head shaved on Sunday to raise money for cancer research. (In conjunction with the annual "Cops for Cancer" ride on Vancouver Island -- Tour de Rock.) Through the window you can see Joanna and I with Paul Vesey, as well as a few locals and the CBC banners, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Joanna Streetly

Hi there, was sort of searching for a forum to do with Joanna Streetly, sorry I posted this here.

I just finished her first book "Silent Inlet" and thought it was great. The characters grab hold of you within the first couple pages and don't let go.

Just wanted to thank her for the great story

Shawn in Peachland